A STRATEGY for Digital engagement for a Church, Mission, Agency or Similar

Social Media is effective strategy in reaching people and the name of Jesus Christ will be known in digital

world. It can been use to form a new Christian Community, its a good start to build and create new relationship

in Christ or can give encouragement, speak for common belief, views and opinions. Blog and any other social

media sites been creates for different groups of people as an example  Christian Parenting a blog where

target group are Parents, they share their experiences in raising children in Christian Context, they give

support and encouragement.

Possible solutions in engaging social media in terms of financial support a strategy and support tools.

Tools can be Cellphones, computers, and any other gadgets to can use of social information and considers as

fastest source way of communications Like TV and digital Radios. These are the most  easy ways of

spreading the Gospel of Christ.  Some of the  people in secular area rely the information from their radios or

TV.  Many churches and mission groups use this method as the fashioned way on bringing Christ into their

Home. This is the huge possibilities of us as a Christians to know and get interested in knowing  Jesus

through social media, and should be a good motivations for all Christians  to use this platformed as a great

tool to evangelize and fulfill the mission of CHRIST.


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