The Importance of Churches and Mission Engaging Social Network


1. The particular expression of the church why they interest in social media is, communication.  The church has taken a fundamentally positive approach to the media even condemning serious abuses, documents of this council for social communications.. the church sees the media as a ”Gift of God” which in accordance with his providential design, unite the  and to help them to cooperate with the plan for salvation. This remains our view and it is the view we can take of the internet.

2. The church understand the history of human communication is something like a long journey, bringing humanity from the pride driven.. ( Gen. 11:1-9) to Pentecost and the gift of tongues : a restoration of communication, centered on Jesus, through the action of the holy spirit. In the life, death and resurrection of Christ ” Communication among men found its highest ideal and supreme example in God who had become man and brother. Today, social media applies in special way to the internet which is helping bring about revolutionary changes in commerce,education,journalism -relationship of nation to nation and culture to culture.

3.  Church has fold aim in regard to the media. One aspect is to encourage their right development, justice and peace- up building of society at the local, national and community level.  Considering the great importance of social media communications is the church seek ” honest and respectful dialogue with those responsible for the communications media”.  Their purposes, procedures,forms and genre, internal structure and modalities and offer support and encourage to those involve in media work and above all it’s for the human progress and the proclamation of the Gospel.

4. Modern media offer new ways of confronting people with the message of the Gospel. All this applies to the internet and even through the world of social communications  may at times seem at odds with the christian message, it also offers unique opportunities for proclaiming the saving truth of Christ to the whole family.. the positive capacities of the internet to carry religious information and teaching beyond or so that the good news may be heard from the housetops of the world.




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