Advantages and Disadvantages of Media to the Church Leader

Social Media– Nowadays, so many people get interest and start blogging to get something or to share something to others. Infact, blogging is a way of giving or form of sharing most especially when you involve into specific event like for example, church organisations, show event, cooking,sharing talents and ideas, travel tips and e.t.c..  You shared more of your daily life and interest to the readers. and in that way, people will appreciate your works and determinations. You get a connection to encourage others to do as well.

How the Media/Blogs Useful to the Church Leaders or Church Pastor?

Well, blog is also a common way of interaction, though some people when they heard the word ”Media” they will automatically think a form of bad influence to the young ones. They think that there is no good on it or using it. But for most of us who used media for daily basis, media is giving us an information and knowledge. We easily know what’s happening in the other side of the world. For the Church Leader, using media or blogs for them is helpful, they can communicate some people who are far from their organisation, ministry and church, they can also use the blogs to get connected share their knowledge, thoughts and views toward the expansion of their church, and for the Gospel that can give a impact on peoples lives because we all know media is incredibly powerful tools for today.

There is a lot of advantages why Pastor/church leader can use the media or blogs:

  1. Communication to believers and non believers
  2.  Spread the messages/sermon
  3. Keep connected to the people
  4. Gives opinion and encouragement
  5. Updated for the situation

But most important is, Pastor can use the blog to deliver the message of God to the people.

Pastor Rick Warren used the blog’s for his devotional ( Daily Hope) message to people to encourage in their situations in life that in every situation we been through we always have to remember that there is God who makes everything possible.

He used the Social media for his ministry so that people can connect specially to some leaders in the church. He involve himself in social media because he knows people are so in to it in media world.

Disadvantages of Media

People also complain about the content of the Media. Individuals has different wish to watch or read in a program.  Media can change the lives of a one person and it can be into A BAD person. Media can influence us if we dont know how to control it. But for the pastor and church leader using media or Blogs for them might can change their lives instantly if they dont have the balance or a proper way of using it. Can cause their ministry involve into use act of violence. There’s a lot of stories todays that church leaders involve into such things like, pornography, using media to ask money to people and tolerating bad actsimage.