Blogging Ministry and Mission Context

Blogging, is other form of fast online prevailing source of online communications we’re we can find some articles, preaching gospel and lectures around Christian websites. It provides a way of sharing the content of information either good or bad. Most of people today get connected by social media an enjoyable source find inspiring to read and what God is teaching to us and helpful tips to become a good steward to others. But we also aware that there’s advantages and disadvantages of social media/blogs that everything that being posted on.

 Particularly, blog are usually written or manage by one person and updated regularly. Blogger must be responsible and accountable when they promote their articles and blogs. They should know the limits and the protocol of social media and protect the rights of blogger either It’s domestically or internationally the integrity of their work which is very common today the modern way of communicating. The internet has been transformed the way people used it in their church, ministry and organization. In particular, blogging and social-media is now a rival of newspaper and television as a dominant source of information and news. Were all about helping our churches to grow but we should always be reminded that we have to be responsible in every action that were about to post and share it to others it must be accurate and detailed word for word.

Here’s the common Mistake of Church blogging that must be avoid:


We know that trying to go viral is not a choice but it’s a strategy to consider. Chasing virality is a tough for churches. It’s difficult to write something about your church that it’s not relevant because you were just trying to be popular and well known. Instead, be focus on creating the content that the audience will love and content to worth sharing to others like their family, friends and the rest of the internet users. Create knowledge that will make people say, “ this is what I believe in our church! Be true and contented.

  • Not being mentioning the Sunday service

For many and for us Christian believers we do believe that the church is where people can find spiritual security like through our communion with God and people in the church. Christian people usually comes to church regularly to hear the preaching of their pastor or church leader and have fellowship with some believers. But in the blog that they posted or publish they did not even mention the service that supposedly the highlight of their topic not all the members of the church can able to attend the service during Sundays.

  • Blogging without Leadership:

 A church blog won’t last if the church leader is not even committed. Most church leader blogger focus on delivering their thoughts and leadership, they engage themselves in social media to convey the message to their followers and believers create a strong base which every individual or even some leaders can better analyze their own strategies to attract people. Although most of the leaders in church face new opportunities and challenges in their leadership, blogs brings together to promote their task and ministry, enhances through developing and distributing highly targeted ministry tools and resources that includes their church program, Sunday service and so on that can church can benefits.


Church leader and Christian leaders on social media- we should aware that social media is has a two-edged of sword.  It can be used for good or to harm people or even to ruin your ministry, church within and the community that you are leading. Although your platform is a blog, facebook, twitter or any form of social media you could be alert and well knowledge before posting it into social media. Too many Christian leaders nowadays that they are keep posting something on social media in the heat of their emotions. If you are the midst of angerness, you should have break from social media for awhile to avoid any cause of problem. If not, then you have something to regret after.


A blog is one of the most effective and efficient tools to use for digital discipleship. In this, it’s important to do the blog well and mannered. It’s too important to review the content of the context before spreading to others. Above all, the message of gospel will give us a good motivation to live our life and to keep our spiritual beliefs and will grow deeper and deeper.  What most matter is our relationship that we had with God.




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