Role of Blog in Church’s Communication Strategy

It is a considerable fact that the use of the social media has been increased massively worldwide. As the technology has improved people also spend their spare time on web in various ways looking for the information, entertainment, and news around the world. But a blog is one of the most easiest and effective way in which you can share your story on-line and make it available for the people worldwide in just one simple click. In other word Blog is a way of communication which is focused on transmitting the information to the people or another way around Like every organization, Churches have lots of information that are needed to be spread to the followers. However the effectiveness of the information can be based on the way the receiver receives the information and the sender sends the information. The main thing about blogging is that to give a lot of good benefits that we can share it to others. Bring experience and expertise to the subject matter that we going to talk about. How about blogging for the benefits of some churches? It’s a kind of task to do because when we write blog for church we share our expert on, what our passion is, or the message we are trying to communicate to people. The reason why it is important for ministry and for the organization to have blog is, for the young people or young generation to involve in what happening in service or organization that they belong to, to give the excitement to do their responsibility, to encourage and motivate their relationship toward others and reach the audience and make them interested enough in church. Nowadays, blog is a one way of communication that another great benefit of blog users, updates and concerns to generate better for church.

The process of any kind of communication or sharing the information is not an easy process. So the church can take a good advantage by using the idea of communicating through blogs. Using a blog for church communication can provide a good framework and roadmap for the church needs and help to know about their Audience, Goals, and Messages to convey.

Blogs are also known as simply online journal for the blog users especially people who connected in the church. They used to keep in-touched with people and informed about church news and development, service and sermons, and also daily happening within the church. And this is the effective way of communication between the churchgoers and outsider.

  • Connected to the Audience:

Our experience, difficulties, challenges, thoughts and even successes in life are worth sharing to others. A simple journey might be helpful to the readers and simple stepping stone that can be relate to the situation that they also been through.  Stories about our own struggles and success especially the church struggling can be a inspiring to the other churches too, blog post can give readers a deeper glance into their thoughts and perspective in life how they can handle the church and organization to make it grow and even well known to other people around. Keeping the relationship between the member and churchgoers was also a big factor why blog post is important for the church. Keep connected as they said.


Understanding what makes people accountable too. In any effort by God’s people is to rise up and build, the goal is must be to give glory and honor to God. Our effort to live with the gospel and truth and share, participate and be spread to the nation. The goal is to bring the soul to Christ to live for God’s glory and mercy. To be the way bringing people together to see his glory and live with the accordance of the scriptures build the good relationship with Christ Jesus because God’s glory will be continue to blessed with growth.

In conclusion, a blog is one of the powerful digital tools to use for ministry, discipleship in church and even church organization .Easy way to spread the news about church function, making church context relevant to the member within that church or outside of the church. Blog is a helpful way to communicate and bring the gospel to community although they are not present every Sunday service, they can still know that is the preaching been talk about.





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