Effectiveness of Digital Communication

   Legacy of media

New Generations of Religious Communications

The world view’s which helps to indicate the potentials of media like TV, Radio,

Magazines and Internet. Which may have to affect our religiousness. Televisions is a kind

of set to hypnotizes us or can slowly control our lives. Sometimes we’re too exaggerated

of what we’ve been watched and deprived our emotional feelings, and attached of

what’s in there. It can be also manipulate children’s especially the stark portrayal of

violence. The most important activity replaced by televisions and any other social media

is the interactions of family and friends. Televisions and internet controlled and cast out

the natural family experiences of daily conversations and personal sharing. As a

diversion, It deprives parents and children’s of meaningful relationship. It offers an easy

way out of family conflicts by eliminating opportunities for family members to get to

know each other better. Friends and relatives visit less often or if they do there maybe

little communications as everyone sits and watches. The primary danger of social media is lies much the

behavior it produces.  In our local church Media was well-known tools that usually can use and easy way to reach individuals.

”For the scripture declare that rivers of living water shall flow from the inmost being of anyone who believes in me.”  JOHN 7:38.

.Social Media

Broadcasting Radio


Humanity Facing Challenge today


What do we see is the most challenging and inspiring hopes, people do suffer by terrorism, crimes, corruptions, growing population and environmental change. This is the biggest issues that humanity has facing. How can we manage to handle in this situation? Why God allowing those tragic crimes and bad things to happen, why terrorism is now arising threats, greed in our government and catastrophe every now and then. We always wonder about this if God really was up watching over those who believe in him. I know it’s hard when bad things happen, but that’s part of living in this corrupt and fallen world. But even the lord said in the bible that in this world we will have sufferings, but that he will be with us always. Those sufferings, even though they seen bad actually help us to turn to the lord, it help us to grow with him…

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