Blogging Ministry and Mission Context

Blogging, is other form of fast online prevailing source of online communications we’re we can find some articles, preaching gospel and lectures around Christian websites. It provides a way of sharing the content of information either good or bad. Most of people today get connected by social media an enjoyable source find inspiring to read and what God is teaching to us and helpful tips to become a good steward to others. But we also aware that there’s advantages and disadvantages of social media/blogs that everything that being posted on.

 Particularly, blog are usually written or manage by one person and updated regularly. Blogger must be responsible and accountable when they promote their articles and blogs. They should know the limits and the protocol of social media and protect the rights of blogger either It’s domestically or internationally the integrity of their work which is very common today the modern way of communicating. The internet has been transformed the way people used it in their church, ministry and organization. In particular, blogging and social-media is now a rival of newspaper and television as a dominant source of information and news. Were all about helping our churches to grow but we should always be reminded that we have to be responsible in every action that were about to post and share it to others it must be accurate and detailed word for word.

Here’s the common Mistake of Church blogging that must be avoid:


We know that trying to go viral is not a choice but it’s a strategy to consider. Chasing virality is a tough for churches. It’s difficult to write something about your church that it’s not relevant because you were just trying to be popular and well known. Instead, be focus on creating the content that the audience will love and content to worth sharing to others like their family, friends and the rest of the internet users. Create knowledge that will make people say, “ this is what I believe in our church! Be true and contented.

  • Not being mentioning the Sunday service

For many and for us Christian believers we do believe that the church is where people can find spiritual security like through our communion with God and people in the church. Christian people usually comes to church regularly to hear the preaching of their pastor or church leader and have fellowship with some believers. But in the blog that they posted or publish they did not even mention the service that supposedly the highlight of their topic not all the members of the church can able to attend the service during Sundays.

  • Blogging without Leadership:

 A church blog won’t last if the church leader is not even committed. Most church leader blogger focus on delivering their thoughts and leadership, they engage themselves in social media to convey the message to their followers and believers create a strong base which every individual or even some leaders can better analyze their own strategies to attract people. Although most of the leaders in church face new opportunities and challenges in their leadership, blogs brings together to promote their task and ministry, enhances through developing and distributing highly targeted ministry tools and resources that includes their church program, Sunday service and so on that can church can benefits.


Church leader and Christian leaders on social media- we should aware that social media is has a two-edged of sword.  It can be used for good or to harm people or even to ruin your ministry, church within and the community that you are leading. Although your platform is a blog, facebook, twitter or any form of social media you could be alert and well knowledge before posting it into social media. Too many Christian leaders nowadays that they are keep posting something on social media in the heat of their emotions. If you are the midst of angerness, you should have break from social media for awhile to avoid any cause of problem. If not, then you have something to regret after.


A blog is one of the most effective and efficient tools to use for digital discipleship. In this, it’s important to do the blog well and mannered. It’s too important to review the content of the context before spreading to others. Above all, the message of gospel will give us a good motivation to live our life and to keep our spiritual beliefs and will grow deeper and deeper.  What most matter is our relationship that we had with God.



Role of Blog in Church’s Communication Strategy

It is a considerable fact that the use of the social media has been increased massively worldwide. As the technology has improved people also spend their spare time on web in various ways looking for the information, entertainment, and news around the world. But a blog is one of the most easiest and effective way in which you can share your story on-line and make it available for the people worldwide in just one simple click. In other word Blog is a way of communication which is focused on transmitting the information to the people or another way around Like every organization, Churches have lots of information that are needed to be spread to the followers. However the effectiveness of the information can be based on the way the receiver receives the information and the sender sends the information. The main thing about blogging is that to give a lot of good benefits that we can share it to others. Bring experience and expertise to the subject matter that we going to talk about. How about blogging for the benefits of some churches? It’s a kind of task to do because when we write blog for church we share our expert on, what our passion is, or the message we are trying to communicate to people. The reason why it is important for ministry and for the organization to have blog is, for the young people or young generation to involve in what happening in service or organization that they belong to, to give the excitement to do their responsibility, to encourage and motivate their relationship toward others and reach the audience and make them interested enough in church. Nowadays, blog is a one way of communication that another great benefit of blog users, updates and concerns to generate better for church.

The process of any kind of communication or sharing the information is not an easy process. So the church can take a good advantage by using the idea of communicating through blogs. Using a blog for church communication can provide a good framework and roadmap for the church needs and help to know about their Audience, Goals, and Messages to convey.

Blogs are also known as simply online journal for the blog users especially people who connected in the church. They used to keep in-touched with people and informed about church news and development, service and sermons, and also daily happening within the church. And this is the effective way of communication between the churchgoers and outsider.

  • Connected to the Audience:

Our experience, difficulties, challenges, thoughts and even successes in life are worth sharing to others. A simple journey might be helpful to the readers and simple stepping stone that can be relate to the situation that they also been through.  Stories about our own struggles and success especially the church struggling can be a inspiring to the other churches too, blog post can give readers a deeper glance into their thoughts and perspective in life how they can handle the church and organization to make it grow and even well known to other people around. Keeping the relationship between the member and churchgoers was also a big factor why blog post is important for the church. Keep connected as they said.


Understanding what makes people accountable too. In any effort by God’s people is to rise up and build, the goal is must be to give glory and honor to God. Our effort to live with the gospel and truth and share, participate and be spread to the nation. The goal is to bring the soul to Christ to live for God’s glory and mercy. To be the way bringing people together to see his glory and live with the accordance of the scriptures build the good relationship with Christ Jesus because God’s glory will be continue to blessed with growth.

In conclusion, a blog is one of the powerful digital tools to use for ministry, discipleship in church and even church organization .Easy way to spread the news about church function, making church context relevant to the member within that church or outside of the church. Blog is a helpful way to communicate and bring the gospel to community although they are not present every Sunday service, they can still know that is the preaching been talk about.




Advantages and Disadvantages of Media to the Church Leader

Social Media– Nowadays, so many people get interest and start blogging to get something or to share something to others. Infact, blogging is a way of giving or form of sharing most especially when you involve into specific event like for example, church organisations, show event, cooking,sharing talents and ideas, travel tips and e.t.c..  You shared more of your daily life and interest to the readers. and in that way, people will appreciate your works and determinations. You get a connection to encourage others to do as well.

How the Media/Blogs Useful to the Church Leaders or Church Pastor?

Well, blog is also a common way of interaction, though some people when they heard the word ”Media” they will automatically think a form of bad influence to the young ones. They think that there is no good on it or using it. But for most of us who used media for daily basis, media is giving us an information and knowledge. We easily know what’s happening in the other side of the world. For the Church Leader, using media or blogs for them is helpful, they can communicate some people who are far from their organisation, ministry and church, they can also use the blogs to get connected share their knowledge, thoughts and views toward the expansion of their church, and for the Gospel that can give a impact on peoples lives because we all know media is incredibly powerful tools for today.

There is a lot of advantages why Pastor/church leader can use the media or blogs:

  1. Communication to believers and non believers
  2.  Spread the messages/sermon
  3. Keep connected to the people
  4. Gives opinion and encouragement
  5. Updated for the situation

But most important is, Pastor can use the blog to deliver the message of God to the people.

Pastor Rick Warren used the blog’s for his devotional ( Daily Hope) message to people to encourage in their situations in life that in every situation we been through we always have to remember that there is God who makes everything possible.

He used the Social media for his ministry so that people can connect specially to some leaders in the church. He involve himself in social media because he knows people are so in to it in media world.

Disadvantages of Media

People also complain about the content of the Media. Individuals has different wish to watch or read in a program.  Media can change the lives of a one person and it can be into A BAD person. Media can influence us if we dont know how to control it. But for the pastor and church leader using media or Blogs for them might can change their lives instantly if they dont have the balance or a proper way of using it. Can cause their ministry involve into use act of violence. There’s a lot of stories todays that church leaders involve into such things like, pornography, using media to ask money to people and tolerating bad actsimage.


A STRATEGY for Digital engagement for a Church, Mission, Agency or Similar

Social Media is effective strategy in reaching people and the name of Jesus Christ will be known in digital

world. It can been use to form a new Christian Community, its a good start to build and create new relationship

in Christ or can give encouragement, speak for common belief, views and opinions. Blog and any other social

media sites been creates for different groups of people as an example  Christian Parenting a blog where

target group are Parents, they share their experiences in raising children in Christian Context, they give

support and encouragement.

Possible solutions in engaging social media in terms of financial support a strategy and support tools.

Tools can be Cellphones, computers, and any other gadgets to can use of social information and considers as

fastest source way of communications Like TV and digital Radios. These are the most  easy ways of

spreading the Gospel of Christ.  Some of the  people in secular area rely the information from their radios or

TV.  Many churches and mission groups use this method as the fashioned way on bringing Christ into their

Home. This is the huge possibilities of us as a Christians to know and get interested in knowing  Jesus

through social media, and should be a good motivations for all Christians  to use this platformed as a great

tool to evangelize and fulfill the mission of CHRIST.

The Importance of Churches and Mission Engaging Social Network


1. The particular expression of the church why they interest in social media is, communication.  The church has taken a fundamentally positive approach to the media even condemning serious abuses, documents of this council for social communications.. the church sees the media as a ”Gift of God” which in accordance with his providential design, unite the  and to help them to cooperate with the plan for salvation. This remains our view and it is the view we can take of the internet.

2. The church understand the history of human communication is something like a long journey, bringing humanity from the pride driven.. ( Gen. 11:1-9) to Pentecost and the gift of tongues : a restoration of communication, centered on Jesus, through the action of the holy spirit. In the life, death and resurrection of Christ ” Communication among men found its highest ideal and supreme example in God who had become man and brother. Today, social media applies in special way to the internet which is helping bring about revolutionary changes in commerce,education,journalism -relationship of nation to nation and culture to culture.

3.  Church has fold aim in regard to the media. One aspect is to encourage their right development, justice and peace- up building of society at the local, national and community level.  Considering the great importance of social media communications is the church seek ” honest and respectful dialogue with those responsible for the communications media”.  Their purposes, procedures,forms and genre, internal structure and modalities and offer support and encourage to those involve in media work and above all it’s for the human progress and the proclamation of the Gospel.

4. Modern media offer new ways of confronting people with the message of the Gospel. All this applies to the internet and even through the world of social communications  may at times seem at odds with the christian message, it also offers unique opportunities for proclaiming the saving truth of Christ to the whole family.. the positive capacities of the internet to carry religious information and teaching beyond or so that the good news may be heard from the housetops of the world.





Effectiveness of Social Media to the Church : We need! it’s not uncommon for a church to follow along..

Path to Discipleship 5-1-11_0

Social media is effective for a church? It can be, but in most cases it probably isn’t.  The shocking reality is that I bet most churches know that their Facebook page isn’t  producing anything except image and some videos of the events in church.



Why isn’t social media effective? It’s often not effective because it is implemented and executed poorly. If done right, people will engage, and it can be more successful at keeping people informed that any church bulletin.

1. Church use websites for the large part for people new to the church.

2. Social media is for those who are already engaged with the church.  Facebook, twitter, Instagram Is  the one of the In in social media today, having millions of users worldwide. Lot’s of churches has Facebook page and so on..

MS-call to discipleship


Discipleship ( Matthew 28:18-20) And Jesus approach and spoke to them, saying ”All authority has been given me in heaven and on the earth, Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations and baptizing them in the name of the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded You and surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.

Be a Digital Disciple? Share what we believe in God NOW! As Paul used any tool he could to spread Jesus’ message, so  should we. We need to use what is available to us in order to share the Good News. Bringing yourself or your faith community online is a powerful tool can be used. It might be just one way to communicate but it can be reach into homes, shelters, and news outlets. It can each into mind, heart, and soul that is where discipleship starts. Jesus tells us to go make disciple and Paul tell us to use all of our tools to do so.

Societies Condition of Media

Societies Condition of Media

What is Blog? Blog Propaganda

Blog is a expression information site’s to published and let people knows. Blog it can be also a personal journal that we can see on web. Nowadays, people use the blog to sort out some issues that they have and can helped them into their career. Particularly, blog are  usually written by one person and updated pretty regularly. Blog are often written in a topic you can think of. From spiritually, personal interest, knowledge information, people/society, weather and so on.. that they might used or apply in their daily lives. Some of these topics putting people into contact with each other in relationship where they can learn, share ideas, makes friends and even do business with people with similar interest from around the world.

ARCHIVES : You might look at the front page of the blog and think that there is not much to them. Few recent

entries, some links to other sites and not much else. However, its worth knowing that there is lot more going

under the the surface that might initially meet the eye. You can read archives by looking on the side bar(left on

this blog) at the archives or categories section. There you will see the links to all the old post which you can access

either by category, you’ll see the category advertising and you will also see the old post on the topic of advertising

with the most recent at the top and oldest.

COMMENTS : Not all the blog’s use comments- but most do. This blog is not a monologue but a conversation

feedback on most or almost everything by clicking the ”Comments” link at the button of each of the post. And this

will take you little form where you leave your name, email add, and link to your own blog, if you have one as well as

your feedback, comments, questions, essay or why you love the blog. The great way to learn about the blog is to

read a few, leave comments and ask some questions.


Now I will compare the blogs to help us and give us more understanding and get some ideas.

Missional Outreach Network is the site we’re people can get some sources to fulfill the mission of Christ.  And also state very clear what mission all about. James Nored was the founder of this  network. This site is design as a resource  and community for individuals and churches seeking to reach  out by seeking the lost, serving the community and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ the kingdom of God. You  might be also interested in the Story of Redemption, an evangelic bible study that have written for today’s postmodern culture.  Click this out

Design – Is to make it simple but attractive for the eye of readers.

Usability -To please God and to encourage people about God

Multimodality – Is the one source of how we creates blog’s, gives us the knowledge to make it right. (proper ).

Social- A form of information that can we used, to linked websites into other social media.

Navigation- Desiring God’s work for us and to reach out the lost.